To promote weather and climate industry,
and for the safety of all our people from disaster
from unexpected climate conditions,
we will endeavor today for the development of
national meteorological industry.


We will become a professional institution for
global weather and climate industrial technology
leading the future industries.

Korea Meteorological Institute is a public institution under the Meteorological Agency established to efficiently support and cultivate the promotion and development of meteorological industry in Korea to contribute to the development of national industry and economy.

We aim to strive new achievements of meteorological industry in Korea so that meteorological industries in Korea can actively advance into the global society. For this, we will keep discovering competitive climate services.

Also, we will become an institution with customers as the top priority not only to achieve development of national economy by promoting meteorological industry but also protect the lives and properties of people from unusual weather incidents that are increasing recently

We will voluntarily open up and share public policies and information related to weather and climate and communicate with you. We appreciate your constant encouragement and advice.Thank you.

Korea Meteorological InstituteKIM Jongseok