• Weather See-At Technology Development

    We provide technological development support for preventing natural disasters, improving the quality of lives of people and realizing national weather policies.

    Weather Technology Development

    • Development of observing weather risks and forecasting weather technology
    • Development of weather technology to reduce national damage from natural disaster

    Support meteorological industry and development of utilization technology

    • Development of new meteorological industry technologies such as weather content and weather consulting in preparation for future demand
    • Development of useful technologies that can expand and vitalize the market size for meteorological industry
    • Improve technological competitiveness by developing core technologies and improving performances of domestic meteorological devices

    Earthquake technology development

    • Establish response strategy to disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami and volcano eruption
    • Develop target-based and original technologies capable of monitoring, managing and forecasting early warnings and reducing damage

    Climate change monitoring and forecasting, and national policy support

    • Develop technology for establishing adaptation system for responding to climate change
    • Provide political support in response to national climate change for creating the basis for climate change science and reliable scientific information that are internationally approved
    5-year R&D assistance 지원금액 그래프
    Number of 5-year R&D assistance tasks 지원과제 수 그래프

    Transfer of technology and business support

    • Transfer of R&D performance technology
    • Transfer of private technology owned by Meteorological Administration
    • Integrated system for technological business
    • Service areas
    • Technology trading method
    지원단계1 Climate
    지원단계1 Search and
    view customized
    지원단계1 Climate
    지원단계1 Exemplary

    Direct trading of desired technology between buyer and seller

    거래소개 이미지 Public institution
    거래소개 이미지 Universities and
    거래소개 이미지 Small and medium
    sized enterprises
    양방향 화살표

    Public institution, Universities andlaboratories, Small and medium sized enterprises

    Register technology to sell

    Register technologies owned by a company (individual) or the outcome of R&D technological development for the purpose of transfer and sales, and promotion

    Register technology to buy

    Company in search for customized climate technology can register and request for the necessary technology Korea Meteorological Industry Promotion Agency

  • Technological development of next-generation urban and agricultural integrated smart climate service