Human Resource Training and Education

We are operating customized education programs specialized in weather and climate industry.

Competency reinforcement education program for existing employees in meterological industry

  • Operate field practical work program for improving competencies of existing employees in small and medium sized enterprises in weather companies and promising and sensitive weather and climate industry

Practical competency reinforcement education program for professional human resources in meteorological industry

  • Operate obligatory repairing education program for climate forecasting license holders

International professional training program in climate sector

  • Operate future international professional human resources training program who will take part in developing countries and international organizations

Convergence / Complex human resources training program in climate sector

  • Support launching of connected lectures for training human resources in convergence/complex areas of climate and management

National weather education program

  • Operate customized education program for kids and elementary school students
인력양성 및 교육 이미지 인력양성 및 교육 이미지 인력양성 및 교육 이미지 인력양성 및 교육 이미지