Weather Industry

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What is Weather Industry ?

It refers to an industry manufacturing, supplying
weather related products or provide weather-related
service. In more broad perspec-tive, it includes meteo
rological disaster prevention & recovery industry,
climate change monitoring & forecasting business,
business addressing Climate Change to reduce green
house gas, business assessing Meterological Impact.

Weather industry, comprises Weather prediction business, Weather appraisal business, Weather consulting business, weather equip-ment business, and we endeavors servicing tailored weather information and various weather service products enable to enhance corporate competitiveness.

  • Weather prediction business : provides weather forecasts for general or specific requesters
  • Weather appraisal business : Provides weather appraisal services for specific requesters
  • Weather consulting business : Provides advice concerning business activities by analyzing and assessing weather information
  • Weather equipment business : Business producing, importing, installing repairing weather measuring instrument

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